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Making Peace

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Making Peace

Post by SapphireRose on Sat Nov 08, 2008 6:40 pm

A storm has brewed and a team of sled dogs have gotten lost. A wrong turn has occurred, and they are now in wolf territory. Their human has set up a small campsite. Days have passed and the team have gotten impatient, so they try to find their own way out. As they walk, they come across a pack. The most savage, and dangerous pack. The Shadow Pack. The team and the pack do not accept each other, but one wolf, and one dog, have not been so "vicious" to each other. As the team walks along, trying to find a way out, the Shadow Pack stalks them, finding that they are easy prey. As they stop to rest, the Alpha Male notices that the Female Omega has gone off with the Lead Dog from the sled team. The Shadow Pack starts a brutal war with the Sled Team. The only ones that can stop them are the two rebels.
( ~ means does not have to be filled)

(You May be 2 characters, 1 from each side)
Alpha Male:
~Alpha Female:
Omega Female:Sapphire
~Omega Male:
Other Members of The Shadow Pack

Sled Team
Other Members

Pack:The Shadow Pack
Species:Timber Wolf
Text Colour: Indigo
Personality:She is a good strong wolf, neither Submissive, or Dominant. She can be very curios, but that get's her into trouble most of the time.
Great Balto Fan
Great Balto Fan

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Re: Making Peace

Post by bony on Tue Jan 20, 2009 9:14 am

Name: Omega female: Saphire
Age: 1 and a half
Gender Female
Pack: The Shadow pack
Species: The gray wolf
Text colour: Blue
Personality: A fast and strong wolf she always gets the blame for the probles, mosty she runs away, and always gets in trouble

Great Balto Fan
Great Balto Fan

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