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Through Blue Eyes (A Christmas tale)

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Through Blue Eyes (A Christmas tale)

Post by fanofbalto123 on Wed Dec 24, 2008 1:37 am


Through Blue Eyes

“ Merry Christmas my fellow friends! I am bringing tidings of joy… and a wonderful story as well too this lovely site (*warns* this story is long kids and may and will bore you!) Well anyways, I hope that you find it in yourselves to take the time to read my story. Yet again best regards.

Chapter 1: The Carolers

“It’s a beautiful time when winter comes at mind. You could see the snowflakes fall ever so gracefully from the sky. You could see, or try to see the children playing outside through the smoggy filled windows. They would throw snowballs at each other, I didn’t see what good that did… but I guess kids will be kids.

But as I recall, there was a time when I had forgotten all these joys that the season brought. It was two days before Christmas and my owner was preparing for the glorious day up ahead…”

“Silent Night, holy night. All is calm all is bright round yon virgin mother and child-” I timidly opened my eyes. What was that glorious sound I was hearing. I snobbishly arose from my sleep and hopped off the couch. Somehow I could still feel that my body was sluggish, so I stretched a bit. I trotted down the room to the nearby window.

I stood on the small chair underneath it. With my nose I pushed the curtain away and peered outside. Right outside were these children singing that harmonious song. “ Sleep in heavenly peace… Sleep in heavenly peace.” A tear rolled down my cheek as I saw the children leave. I didn’t want them to go, I mean I wanted to hear another encore by them.

Then a soft gentle hand had stroked my head. I turned around and yipped happily as I realized it was my master. “Come on Marisa, let’s go get some firewood. It’s getting pretty cold here, and besides it’s a tradition to buy it every Christmas.” My master took his coat and put on his leather boots. He opened the door and led me out.

Chapter 2: Desperation At Hand

There must’ve been 5 feet of snow on the floor it was a wonder how I made it through. I clung to his side like Velcro as we braced through the wind. I looked back and I realized we were leaving town. I nudged his leg and whimpered. He bent down and picked me up in his comforting arms. “We isn’t buyin’ the wood today girl. We’re doing it the old fashioned way.”

I rolled my eyes. “No not this again. About two years ago he decided to get firewood “the old fashioned way”. We went to the woods and chopped down a tree. As soon as we were ready to bring the tree home it started snowing hard. We were forced to staying in an old shed that probably hadn’t been checked in years. We were snowed in that night and had to claw our way out in the morning. The important thing was we survived, and that was all that mattered.”

I looked away; I was a bit disappointed in his choice. Hopefully things wouldn’t turn out so bad. I watched, as he nervously turned quite pale. I knew he wasn’t sick, but something was bothering him. I looked around and saw that there was lightning ripping through the sly.

Strangely he went on and ignored the sign and continued on. I knew he was afraid, but he never could show it in front of me, we were now in the forest, and we tried picking out a good tree. He let me down and I looked around. My master took a look as well. I smelled and glanced at every tree. I was trained to know how a good tree would look. I stumbled across one that was to my liking.

I stood straight and let out a howl. He came rushing towards me hoping to see if I’d done my job correctly. He analyzed the tree and gestured a thumbs up at me. I wagged my tail in agreement. I carefully looked on as he tied a rope against the tree. He flung the rope on his back and called me. I alertly responded and took the lead.

If I remembered correctly I was supposed to lead him home as he dragged the tree along. I was about to patrol the area when suddenly a small droplet of water hit my head. I looked up and obviously down came drops of water. I sneezed and looked back at my master. He was coughing insanely. I saw that he pointed to his left while he coughed.

I looked over at where he pointed and I noticed a small cave. I yipped and led him to the cave. The rain was intense and it was coming down forcefully. It felt like being stabbed with a thousand knives. We had luckily made it and I helped my master get into the cave. As soon as he was in he collapsed.

I growled at him intensely, I knew it wasn’t safe for humans to be in wet clothes on a cold rainy day. To wake him up I nibbled on his arm. He gradually regained his strength and tried his best to remove his wet clothes. I carried over to him his large coat. He shakily took it from and wrapped himself in it.

I whined at his condition, he was starting to become bluish. This was a troubling sign and he needed help fast. I ran to the bearing weather and tried my best to find help. I barked and screamed at the top of my lungs…but nothing worked. My eyesight was growing dimmer and my body became weak. I collapsed into the snow and the last thing I remembered was a large paw near my face. Then, total black out.

Chapter 3: House Dog

“Am I awake, am I sleeping still… what happened?” I was regaining consciousness; everything seemed to come back to life. I squinted my left eye. As I did I realized I was laying on something soft. I dug deeper and it felt like I was getting lost in a blanket of softness. I raised my head to see the curious thing I was laying on. I soon found out I would regret doing what I just did.

I slowly backed away into a corner of a cave. The creature I slept next to gave out a large yawn. Slowly and carefully he stood up and stretched out his limbs. His muscles contracted as he extended his arms, I saw that he realized I was gone. He moved swiftly around the cave. Distressfully his eyes rested upon a shadowed husky in the corner.

“Well there you are, you’re awake pretty early.” He softly said. My whole body began to tremble incredibly. Not once have I ever spent one night that close to someone. The male jokingly laughed, “I’m not going to hurt you!” I looked into his cold blue eyes. “But…you…you’re a…a…” The male devilishly snickered. “…A wolf!”

At those exact words tears bursted out through these eyes of mine. I started crying in front of this wolf. His smile faded and he became more agitated by me. “All right, stop it already,” He yelled, “ Listen as I said I’m not going to hurt you already.”

I continued crying until I heard a faint and distant sound. *grumble* The wolf’s ears perked up. “Hmmm…I see someone’s hungry. C’mon let’s get something to eat.” The wolf exited the cave and slowly paused in his steps. He gave me a questionable look as I stood there. “Well are you coming?”

I hesitated, could I actually trust this wolf? I turned my head away hoping he would see that I wasn’t interested in coming. The wolf merely smiled and went his way. “ May I remind you that I’m not the only wolf around this territory.” He said unsteadily. My eyes widened. “Wolves…” I thought to myself, “ this territory is infested with wolves!” I quickly bolted out of the cave and sped up to the wolf.

As the two of us walked silently along the snow-covered field I couldn’t help but study the wolf. From what I could tell he was about two years young, probably around my age. He had a large and slender form, and probably had the most massive ears I’ve ever seen. Seriously I bet he could hear my heart beating from a mile away. His long and silky fur was a mixture of darkened red and a grayish brown. From the looks of it I’d say he’s probably a pure wolf. In the town where I lived most dogs had brown eyes, so seeing his blue crested eyes made me feel more attracted to him. Somehow I found him rather cute.

Occasionally I’d notice he would stare at me from time to time. It made me feel kind of uncomfortable knowing he could possibly be checking me out, but I got past it eventually. After a while I couldn’t help but feel bored. Seriously, I hadn’t said a word to him as we were walking. I then took notice of a cute little rabbit hopping down our path. I slowly snuck behind the bunny to see if I could get a better look.

I was about to touch the rabbit when I heard a high squeal coming out of a nearby bush. Completely curious I approached the bush. As soon as I did, a large wild creature tackled me down. Stunned and ordazed I lied there as the animal tried to bite me. Luckily to the rescue the wolf lunged at the creature. He stood over me baring his fangs at the beast. The hideous monster snorted and charged at my protector.

I thought quickly and pushed the wolf with my front paws. I landed on his soft fur as the animal nearly missed us both. My body was aching from being hit earlier but I managed to stand up. Not satisfied the beast charged at me again. This time the wolf actually saved me. He tackled me to the side and I fell down on the cold icy snow.

My head was now throbbing, what was this a game of rugby football? I was being tossed and thrown all around. Then, everything began to quiet down. I looked up at the wolf towering over me. He licked my nose and willingly helped me up, “Not bad house dog, nor bad at all.”

Chapter 4: New Friendship

“ Are you hurt, are any of your bones fractured?” He caringly asked. I nodded my head and blushingly smiled. I fell into his soft fur. He dropped his guard and didn’t move away. What was I doing, was I falling for this wolf? I came back to my senses and held back from the wolf.

The wolf awkwardly coughed and pranced to his befallen enemy. “ Well I don’t know about you but I’m hungry all of a sudden.” As he said this he sunk his fangs into creature’s stomach. I approached my carnivorous friend. “What is this thing,” I pushed the dead carcass with my paw, “ It has weird horns in its snout.”

The wolf withdrew from his meal, “They’re called tusks, and this is a wild boar we’re eating.” I tilted my head, “ a bore…what’s that?” The wolf arrogantly talked with his mouth full, “ A boar is a pig.” I sarcastically grinned as I stared at the deceased animal. I leaned in closer and opened my jaw. I took a bite out of its belly and chewed.

The wolf looked up at me and laughed, “ A tree’s over there…” He probably noticed I was turning a sickly green color. I rushed behind the tree and hurled. That pig tasted bad, it was like eating rocks with dirt and a side of grass. I swayed from side to side as I emerged from the tree. I decided not to eat that morning; I didn’t think it was even possible in the condition I was in.

After breakfast the wolf and I decided to stay under a shady tree to escape the rays of the blissful sun. He rolled on his side and rested himself. I sat nearby him and kept watch to see if their was anyone around. The wolf impatiently watched me as I scanned the horizon. He scoffed, “ Hey I got an idea let’s play a little game?” The wolf stood up and set next to me. He then rested his head on my shoulder. I gulped, “…a game?” What was on his mind?

“Yeah,” he laughed, “ well typically its not a game, more of a trivia if you might say. Let me start. What is your name, house dog?” I gave him a stern glance. “My name is Marisa. Not Marie, not Maris, just Marisa…”
To tell you the truth I didn’t actually like my name, it was given to me by my parents when I was born. To this very day I still can’t even stand having my name shortened.

“ Strange name for a house dog?” I grew temperamental with this wolf’s remark. “Oh yeah, what your name then?” “My name is Zachary,” the wolf loftily waved his paws through the air. “ But most wolves call me Zac.” I looked away from him for a moment. Zachary, I always did like that name. “ Anyway, here’s my question. How in the world did I end up with you this morning, I mean seriously a wolf?”

Zac paused and took a deep breath. “ Listen it wasn’t my intention in finding you honey. I was out searching for food when I came across you. You were totally unconscious when I met you. All in all you should be thanking me for saving you!”

There was a strange silence as he said this. I gulped; I didn’t want him to get mad…I just wanted to know a little more. As I tried to apologize to the wolf about what I had said I heard a long and echoing howl form the top of a hill. Suddenly the wolf grabbed onto my paw and hurled me behind a tree. I was in shock; I thought we were friends already. I was about to unleash my anger at him when I noticed a bunch of wolves came marching down the hill. At first I saw this majestic brown wolf come prancing to him.

I watched as two little wolf pups followed her. They were pretty cute; I’d say they looked like Zac a little bit. The wolfress nuzzled Zac and Zac nuzzled her back. I leaned back against the tree, was this female his mate? My heart sunk a little bit, the thought of Zac actually having a mate devastated me.

I made up my mind to run away. If they were mates, I wouldn’t want to interfere with their relationship. I let out a silent sniffle and slowly crept away. Low and behold, guess whom I bumped into. It was another wolf; I gazed at the large black wolf snaring at me. He took his jaw and picked me up like a pup. He dropped me in front of Zac and the wolfress.

They stared at me with confusion and dismay. The black wolf snarled at me as I stood up. It was about to lunge at me anytime now. Zac stood beside me and growled as well. Strangely he wasn’t growling at me he was growling at the wolf. He huffed and said, “ Don’t hurt her.”

The wolf snapped, “ and why not little Zachary?” He gave me a threatening look as if I were an enemy or something. “Because,” Zac looked at me, “ because she’s my mate!”
My eyes widened and so did everyone else’s.

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Post by fanofbalto123 on Wed Dec 24, 2008 1:42 am

Chapter 5: Say That Again?

I froze as he said that. The black wolf gave him a blank and utterly surprised stare. “Wait, say that again?” the wolfress said in dismay. Zac sat down, “You heard me…. she’s my mate.” The black wolf backed away. “We’ll resume this later young man, first we go home.”

The black wolf turned his back at me and howled at the pups to follow after him. The brown wolf gave me a reassuring smile as she followed the large male. Zac gave out a chuckle as he gently nudged me.

“ What were you thinking making me pose as your mate, I mean we just met this morning!” I angrily whispered in his ear. Zachary yawned. He simply passed over me and walked beside the black wolf. I would have to say for a wolf he wasn’t actually that wise to be toying with a female’s mind. Hopefully he’ll learn more as time went on.

Morning turned into afternoon, and afternoon had turned into night. We had been walking for many hours now and my paws were killing me. I gave out a quick sigh and tried to look ahead. In the distance I saw a very large mountain. Maybe that was where we were going. I pranced up to Zac. I noticed that one of the pups was on his back, while the other pup was walking next to the black wolf.

The brown wolfress nudged me. She whispered in my ear, “ Don’t be afraid of my mate Karu, he can be kind of a mean wolf sometimes.” I nodded my head and smiled. So the black wolf’s name was Karu, and that must’ve meant the brown wolfress was his mate.

In total I had recalled we had passed a forest, a town, and a frozen lake just to get where we were supposed to go. When we got to the mountain I swear I had seen about two dozen wolves staring me down. The black wolf had run ahead and disappeared into a small cave within the mountain.

Everyone greeted Zachary as he walked in. It was a like a hero’s return, except it was hard to believe that Zachary could actually be a hero. I stayed behind as the wolves greeted one another. It was strange even though they all looked different they formed one pack, one family.

At the exact moment my mind began racing. Had I forgotten something important? My heart leaped, I had forgotten my master!

Chapter 6: A Time to Forgive

“No, how could I forget! How could I forget him?” I screamed. The wolves’ eyes focused on myself. Zac rushed towards an unstable me. “What happened Marisa? Is something wrong.” Tears flowed through my eyes, I grew unsteady. “He’s gone I killed him.” I cried. “What, who did you kill!” Zac tried to come closer to me but I snapped at him. “This is all your fault! If I hadn’t come with you I would have saved him.” My paw flew through the air and hit Zac directly.

I stood up and ran off onto the frozen lake. I looked back at the wolf pack. “You’ll be better off without me.” My paws were throbbing but I was scared so I ran. I looked away leaving a bit of tear shed with me. I saw that ice below me was cracking. Without hesitation I ran faster. The cracks were now spreading. It had now encircled me. Then the ice broke and I began to drift off. My claws grasped the side of the ice as it floated.

The current was strong and waves hit me with great force. I could describe how it felt like to be in freezing water. It felt like knives hitting your body, and the shock of it all was that no one was there to save you. “Help…help me…anyone!” I screamed, as I now was completely submerged.

Somehow the ice turned over again and I was able to breathe. I looked around and spotted in the distance a red blur approaching me. The blob became closer and closer when I saw that it had piercing blue eyes. My heart lept as I had realized that it was Zac!

My grasp on the chunk of ice was not withering away. I tried to climb back up but I had even slipped farther from where I was previously. Zachary loomed over me encouraging me not to give up. “C’mon Marisa I can’t lose you now! Pull yourself together girl.”

With all my energy I pulled myself on the ice. I fell to the ground and shivered endlessly. I felt like I had been frozen. Then my body returned to normal heat. I opened my eyes and looked behind me. It was Zac; he was laying his body upon my own.

This was a smart move in his case considering the entire thing that happened a while ago. I gave a shivered grin to him as he tried his best to keep me warm. “ Zac, you’re…you’re…something…something different. And I think I like it.”

My head clobbered on to the ice as for the third time in a couple days I had fell unconscious. I mean seriously people this is not normal! Don’t I like lose cells or something?

Chapter 7: Miracles Do Happen

“Silent Night….Holy Night…All….Is Calm-“ These words echoed through my mind the whole time. I moaned,” -All Is…Bright.” Life began to restore my body. “Marisa, are you feeling better?” My eyes fluttered open. “Zac you’re okay. I’m okay, right?”

Zac hugged me. I closed my eyes and let him embrace me. “I thought you were gone.” He said all teary eyed. “ I’m just glad that you’re okay.” I smiled and licked his muzzle. He smiled back and unwrapped his arms around me.

I looked around the domain I was in. It seemed so familiar, yet I know I’ve never been here before. My eyes landed on the entrance to the cave. When I looked outside I saw fresh pine trees all around. Finally, it had hit me.

I ran outside while Zac was close behind me. I raised my head and tried to find a certain scent, the scent of my master. I sniffed the snow, the air, even the trees and yet I couldn’t find him. My chances of finding him were not good at this rate.

Zac called me over and I ran to him. In his mouth hung what seemed to be a musher’s hat. I wagged my tail anxiously as I realized it belonged to my master. Zac dropped it on the ground and took a long whiff.

“What do you think you’re doing wolf?” I impatiently squinted. “tsk tsk tsk Poor Marisa not knowing how the sense of smell a wolf has is more superior that a husky. Pathetic actually.” He bragged. “Quit showing off and just find the scent dangit!”

He could tell this was no joke so he then sniffed the air. “Wait…wait, I think I got something!” he rambled. I ran in circles and barked happily. He ran northwest from the cave and jumped over many befallen trees.

Zac finally halted and remained his ground. Marisa ran ahead and spotted a small dark cave. Guarding the entrance is what seemed to be a towering and long animal. “Excuse me, what are you?” I wondered. The animal neighed. “Why young lady I happen to be called a horse. From what I take you bein’ a dog?”

I nodded my head and agreed. Zac then stood near me and tilted his head. “So um, horse, what brings you here?” “Well it’s just another one of those days where we check the forest. You know considering my owner’s a ranger here.”

I then trotted inside the cave. “Wait little lady you can’t go in there.” The horse demanded. I raise my eyebrow, “Oh, and why not horse?” I asked. “Well we found this human who was pretty much dead. My owner is seeing if she can help the man at all.

My ears perked up when the word dead came up. I bolted inside the cave hoping to see if everything was fine. All I saw was a fire in the middle. In the corner I saw two figures. One of which was kneeling while the other was lying down. I ran to them and gazed at the human.

From the looks of it she looked pretty surprised to see me. Then the lying down figure budged and I stepped back. The human groaned and faced me. “Marisa, is that you?” The sound of that exact voice reassured me that it was master. I yipped and licked him on his cheek. He grabbed me in his arms a hugged me.

He was okay and I was enthralled by it. The female petted me on the head and laughed. My owner got up and praised the female. “If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be alive right now.” I yipped and licked the human as well. She stood up and helped my master up.

We finally had emerged out and she rested him upon the horse. She called me and they started walking. I looked around and tried to find Zac. “Zac, Zac let’s go!” I taunted. Yet no one answered. The humans were going further and yet I was determined to find Zachary.

Did he leave me, where had he gone then? A whistle rung to my ears and I sighed. I followed the horse and trailed behind. This time I was alone. “Zac, where are you?”

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Test 3

Post by fanofbalto123 on Wed Dec 24, 2008 1:45 am

Chapter 8: You Never Knew How It Felt

From the top of the hill wolves came about lurking for prey. The alpha of the pack had spotted the horse earlier and decided to track it. “There it is. Looks like its gotten some company as well?” snickered the Delta. Look, it seems they have a dog with them as well… female!”

The Alpha silenced his Delta. “Remember, this is an assignment to kill.” The wolf commanded his hunters to move forward and all the others to follow. “Lets go!” He yelled. “ They’re disappearing.”

Meanwhile Zac was walking through the forest. “ Smooth Zac absolutely smooth.” He mumbled. Then a cute bunny rabbit hopped in his path. He ignored the bunny and depressingly walked on. “Why are you so down Mr. Wolf? You seem so sad.” The bunny followed.
“ I’ve made a mistake.” Zac hauled for a second. “ Why am I always like this!”

Zachary ran to a nearby tree and ripped a piece of its bark. He tore it to shreds and clawed at it. He growled and howled endlessly. The rabbit hopped towards the furious wolf. “ Sir, if lets say you hurt a certain person. Would you apologize or just walk away? Zac listened. “Well I’d apologize of course. It’s the right thing to do. Besides there’s no shame in apologizing!”

“Okay then sir. So do you think love would be any different?” The trees rustled as he said this.

“Love…there’s no shame in falling…in love? I get it, all this time I thought she was just another face. But she’s more, I love her!”

Zac turned around and swiftly tried to find Marisa. She couldn’t have gotten far.

“There they are sir,” the hunter whispered. “ When shall we attack?” The alpha and his pack had made it down into the forest and were waiting to ambush. “When I strike we go.” He said.

I felt a certain sadness overcome me. Everywhere I turned I saw Zac. What was this strange longing I was having? My eyes shifted upon my human who looked still very sick. In this scenario I knew I had to be strong for him.

“Curse these trees!” The wolf yelled as he got hit by many of their branches as he paced through the forest floor. He had finally seen Marisa far away in the distance. Zac slowly walked towards the mixed pack.

“Marisa! Oh, Marisa!” Zac yelled with a burning heart. I slowly turned my head to see where that voice was coming from. When I saw him I blushed. He started to prance towards me.

“Wait Karu!” A female voice screamed in a hushed tone. The alpha looked back at the female and responded, “Why Ren? They’re right there.” He lifted his paw and pointed to Marisa. “Oh really want to take a second look?” The female jumped upon Karu and forced him to the ground.

He snarled but soon realized what she meant. Right before a father’s unwilling eyes a strange thing had happened. Deceived by his son he looked away. The beautiful brown wolf comforted her mate, “ Karu, I’m sorry I didn’t know. He didn’t intentionally mean to do this to you.”

“I thought you were gone, I thought…I-” Zac licked my cheek and smiled. “You thought wrong than.” The wolf escorted me along the way. I had heard something brush up against a brush but failed to pay attention.

“I’ll teach him to leave the pack.” The wolf snared. He emerged out of the bush and tackled Zac. He bit into his back causing him to fall. He clawed at his face delivering painful blows every time. I barked and pushed the wolf.

Karu ducked and went after me cursing at threatening me at every moment he could. “LEAVE HER ALONE!” Zac screamed as he grabbed his father by his tail and swung him to a tree. A large thud was heard followed by the site of the most horrible thing yet to happen. A click brushed my senses. I looked at the ranger who had a long metal tube in her hand. It looked like a shotgun.

“No, Karu!” I yelped. The ranger aimed the gun at the black forehead. I panted and dashed my way in between the gun and the wolf. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I heard another click and than a thunderous BANG!

As I listened I heard shrieks of howls and screams. I opened my left eye and peered out slowly. In front of me was Zachary. I saw him grinning at me. I looked into his blue eyes and I felt the pain. It was unbearable as he dropped to the floor coughing out blood.

Chapter 9: Wake Me Up

Blood splattered upon my face as I saw my love fall to the floor. I knew that this was to be a fatal blow. I scanned his body looking for the wound, and on the chest I saw the shot. Blood had stained his tan fur. Sad with sympathy I rested my head on him. Tears flowed about my eyes. “Zac, please don’t go. I need you.”

The large black wolf sat straight and let out a howl. They formed a circle around us and howled to the wind. I looked back at the humans who were in utter shock. The ranger was quivering at what she had done. She took the shotgun and threw it on the floor. The sounds of howls were heard all around me, I could feel it grasping my breath.

The alpha male called it off and walked towards his befallen son. He whimpered at the pool of blood gathering at his body. After a few seconds of pure agony the pack left. Leaving behind Zachary and Marisa at his side.

The horse neighed at her master and hoofed at me. The ranger sat down beside me and examined him. Like a miracle worker Zac woke up. Utterly dumbfounded my jaw dropped. She petted the wolf and he didn’t trudge. Zachary’s blood stained eyes glanced at me.

“Marisa…can…you…wake me…. up later?” As Zac said this he fell unconscious.

Chapter 10: Christmas Time Is Here!

“Silent Night, holy night. All is calm all is bright round yon virgin mother and child-” I quivered. That melody seemed oddly familiar. I lifted my tired eyelids and yawned. As I stretched I felt my paw bump into something soft. It looked like a big red ball of fur?

When I loomed in closer I found it was Zachary. I rolled him over and saw where his wound was. I saw that bandages covered his wound. I smiled and licked his cheek. Not a second too soon he awoke. Seeing his lively eyes made me feel joyous. I nuzzled him and he nuzzled back. BANG BANG! I gleamed out the window. In the sky we saw glorious colors bursting in the air. I looked behind me and there stood the same Christmas tree that I had risked my life for.

“Zac,” I whispered shyly. “Look up.” He motioned his eyes upward and gave me a strange look. “Ummm, Marisa is that poison Ivy?” He slowly growled at the plant as it floated there…lifelessly. I fell back on the armchair unpleased and discouraged by his words. “ Sometimes Zac, just sometimes I’m not sure how you think I feel about you.”

His ears launched up and he openly watched me. He playfully crouched beside me and licked my face. As of now I had lost my breath, when he was about to kiss me the door had widely opened. It was my master. Zachary fell to the floor as I got up form the couch.

That night I introduced Zac to my friends and family. It was a glorious occasion, as they knew we had something special. Plus it wouldn’t be before long until we would have puppies of our own; besides I’m a bit over my head. The last thing I remembered was that Zac and I went with carolers howling out tunes with them. Sure we weren’t on tune, but hey having Zachary beside me made me calm.

Thus it was Christmas Day when the happiness restored my empty heart. Thus it was Christmas when I fell in love. Merry Christmas to all!

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Re: Through Blue Eyes (A Christmas tale)

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