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Kodi's big trouble Pt 2

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Kodi's big trouble Pt 2

Post by Firefoxwolffie on Mon May 26, 2008 7:20 am

Ashur thats what i wanted to talk to you about. kodi said uncomfortably. oh really? Ashur Asked The smile disappeared. see Last night was a...Mistake kodi explaiend. this is where the conversation went down the drain. A mistake? Ashur asked her voice getting louder. kodi hoped this would'ent happen. Im mate with another dog. Last night should never have happened. Ashur swiped kodi acrossed the cheek leaving three cuts. if you were mates with another dog why did'nt you tell me? Bcause it was'nt any of your business Kodi said keeping his voice even. Ashur turned and walked into the house after kodi had said this. how much longer before ashur was going to tell someone about what had happend? Had she already told someone? he did'nt know what to do And Dusty was due back in less ten hours. Kodi! came a voice from behind him It was kirby. "Kirby" "what" said kodi turning around. Kodi i do not want to belive this but last night i saw you, or someone who looked alot like you walk into that boiler room with that new dog. And what happend to you Kirby asked seeing the dry blood on Kodi's cheek. Kirby im sorry but...That..was..me. Kodi said slowly. Kodi what were you thinking? were you even thinking? Kirby asked after a moments silence. kiby i don't know how that happened. It was a mistake I- Kodi aid but kirby cut him off. Kodi this isn't something that just happens. you must have been thinking. you had to have known what you were doing kirby said. even kirby sounded angry. I SAID IT WAS A MISTAKE kodi said raising his voice over kirbys I don't know what to do now. i cant tell dusty but she will be back tomorrow. Kirby took a deep breath and said this is a deep hole you have gotten your self into. Kodi walked slowly to dusty's, she had to be back now. the whole way to dusty's he debaed oon tellinghe what happened. He decided that he was not going to tell her.He could only hope that Ashur did'nt tell anyone. when kodi got to dusty's he saw the last thing he wanted to see. Dusty was talking with the stunning green and white malamute that was Ashur. Oh no Whispered to himself. Pretending Like nothing was wrong Kodi walked up to dusty and nuzzeld her. Hey ya dusty did ya miss me? Dusty smiled and replied you have to ask? After a minute dusty said This is Ashur. She has been telling me some very interesting things. Please,no odi thought Really Like What? kodi asked keeping his face streight. She sid she used to live in anchorage. And that she just moved in. she was just asking me if id show her around town but im a little busy. Would you mind showing her around? Sure why not kodi said and licked dusty on the nose and then headed off with Ashur. Wht are you doing? Kodi asked when he was sure dusty
would'ent hear them. What do you think. Im just trying to make new friends said Ashur not looking at kodi. Ashur you did'nt tell her about...kodi started Not yet but if you don't tell her within the next three days I will Ashur threatened. Ashur please can we just forget about this? She did'nt say anything else to kodi. kodi left her housee and then started back toward Dusty's. Kodi layed down on the beach. watching the waves and water move up the sand and move back. it was only when the water went far enogh that it soaked kodi did he get up. Dusty laughed, kodi shaking his fur laughed with
her. so kodi what really went on here while i was gone? dusty asked walking over to kodi. Nothing. really. Kodi said keeping his voice calm. Thats not what I heard. dusty said looking at kodi. Kodi gulped. Iheard that you and your brother has stumbeld onto something about that new friend of yours Dusty said grinning. looks like youmight have another family member living in nome. Kodi said yea with a slight chuckel. Two days had passed and kodi still hadn't told dusty about the mistake. Kodi wasn't sure If he could keep it a secret from dusty much longer. He walked around nome trying to thin of the best way to break it to Dusty. every way Kodi tried he rusulted in hurting dusty. But if kodi did'nt tell her Today she was gunna find out from someone eles and it would be twice as bad. When kodi Finnaly decided to go to dusty's and tell her about what really happened, he had walked to dusty's reluctantly barked. When dusty came to the door she did not look happy to see him. Dusty i need to tell you something Kodi began slowly. If its you sleeping with another dog while i was gone your to late. Ive already heard the news dusty said in a tearful tone. Shocked kodi didn't know what to say to this. Clearing his throat kodi started Dusty i made a mistake. We all make them. And that make it ok that you went behind my back and cheated on me said usty turning around and glaring at kodi. NO thats not what im saying.Look i don't know what got into me. It just sort of happened. Kodi tried to explain to dusty. He was still shocked she already knew. He still had one more day. Kodi i can't even bear to talk to you right now dusty said and started to walk away from kodi. Dusty wait kodi started but dusty broke into a run. Kodi took a deep breath and felt a shutter rush through his body. walking away kodi noticed a brown dog walking away. Kodi recognized the dog. Kirby wait up kodi shouted running to catch up with kirby. But as soon as kirby heard his voice he broke into a run as well. Now kodi saw why kirby had been put in lead dog position. Kodi skidded to a halt in the snow and watch one of his best friends run away from him. Once again kodi was on the beach. Everything was falling apart. It seemed once Dusty found out everyone found out. The only ones that were still with Kodi were sasha and kalgorn. Though Kodi wasn't sure kalgorn new. There were only two others that did not know what he had done. His parents.Eventually they would find out so kodi figured it would e better if they fund out from him then someone else.Walking slowwly towards his moms place kodi dreaded telling them. Kodi did'nt turn into town. Instead he walked around he did'nt feel like taling to anyone. Once kodi had reached his destination kodi sat down and gathered his thoughts about just how he was going to tell them. Then kodi walked into the house. his mom wasn't asleep on the couch anymore. Kodi could'ent find them anywhere in the house. so he walked outside and looked around. Why is it so hard to find dad when you need him? kodi said to himself. Just bad timing son came the voice of balto from behind Kodi. Dad i have been looking for you wheres mom? Well if your looking for your mother why are you looking for me? Balto said grinning. Dad kodi started. Its ok I know what you meant. I tought jenna was at her place but i can see you have saved me the search Balto replied Kodi nodded hoping to see his mom. Any way what do you want? Balto said hopping down from the porch. i need to tell you something kodi started. Im listening said balto sitting down in fornt of kodi
I was hoping to tell both of you so i would only have to say it once kodi went on. well ill save you the trouble of telling your mother. now what is it Balto replied ok see there is this new dog in town and ive been spending alot of time with her but a few days ago i made a mistake kodi started balto nodded is this a small mistake or a big mistake? Big and i don'nt know what to do about it.I...Dad i slept with her Kodi finnaly said. Well this could be worse. I mean atleast you werent cheating on someone or something like that balto said smiling slightly Kodi did'nt say anything. Oh balto said recognizing the look on kodi's face Who are you with? well im more than likley to not be with her anymore but, Dusty said kodi looking at the ground. Ok kodi ill tell your mother when i see her. the only thing for you to do is apologize but you should give her some time balto siad comforting. So you don't hate me for it? Kodi asked looking up at balto. Wel im disappointed that you
did something like this but no. you are my son Balto replied then went to find jenna. Kodi let a sigh of relife that made 3 Dogs that were still with him. hopefully his mom would see it the same way. He turned around and started to walk away. Maybe he would go to his dad's boat for a while and figure out what to do next but when he turned aroun he saw his mom. he kodi looking for your dad? KODIAK! mom i did'nt mean for it to happen. Kodi hd just told is mom about what he had done and seeing her rection he wished he could have let dad tell her. Kodi i thought i taugght you better. Kodi coulden't think of anything to say to this so he just looked down at the ground and listend to his mom. Finnly jenna seemed to have ran out of things to say Jenna whats with all this shouting? It was balto. Balto do you know what Kodi has done? jenna asked angrily. I told you et me tell her kodi. Balto said looking at kodi. You know? and your ok with this? jenna asked with a mixture of anger and shock. He told me earlier Balto replied to jenna. just calm down jenna we all make mistakes. Jenna didnt say another word. she simply walked out of the room. well im not going to be getting any sleep here tonight balto said looking at the roof. As if he could see jenna up there. : to be continued:


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Re: Kodi's big trouble Pt 2

Post by Conay_White_Star_Line on Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:34 am

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Re: Kodi's big trouble Pt 2

Post by Saske italian wolfeer on Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:39 am

good!! can't wait to read the next part!!

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Re: Kodi's big trouble Pt 2

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