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WQ Soundtrack download here!

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WQ Soundtrack download here!

Post by Firefoxwolffie on Sun May 11, 2008 7:05 am

hello Balto chat this is the WQ soundtrack downlad Please Download and tell me how you like it Enjoy! http://www.thpe.net/balto/balto2/
This is the lyrics for Balto 2 songs :

Taking you home:
Somebody wants you, somebody needs you.
Someone is searching for your heart alone.
Someone is dreaming, waiting and watching.
Someone is coming to take you home.
Time, it will fly like the sun through the sky.
And what once was hello turns to goodbye.

Tomorrow is here now, sings in your ear now.
Child of my heart, your life is your own.
Never you fear, now,
your path is clear now.
Some one who loves you,
some one who loves you is taking you home.

Who You Really Are:
You must go to the east, go to the west,
The road is rocky and the way is far.
It's a dangerous trail, a difficult quest,
If you want know who you really are.

There are voices all around you,
To comfort and to guide you.
Fathers and teachers,
Powerful creatures.
And the voice that sings inside you.

Or you can turn back around,
Run along home. Back to the place where your friends are.
Perhaps that is best, You need to rest.
Who wants to go on a ridiculous quest?

Unless you want to know,
You truly want to know, Unless you want to know.
Who you really are.
Who are you? Who are you?...

The grand design :
This world through which we wander,
Is wonderful and strange
The only truth we could really know,
Is that everthing will change.

Like the rain that fills the ocean,
Like the storm that shakes the pine.
We are all a part of the grand design.

This has been our home forever!
This is where the clan belongs.
We were born beside this river,
And we filled the nights with songs.

We must fight for what belongs to us,
What is yours and what is mine.
We are all masters of our own design.

The land no more belongs to us,
Than the eagle owns the sky.
We must fight for our survival,
If we don't we'll surely die

We are one with what surrounds us,
Brothers to all we see.
We are wolves,
We take what we need.
To stay alive and free.

The one thing we will surely learn,
As we walk the path of time.
No one can rise above.
We are wolves, the masters of!

We are all a part of the grand design.
Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya!
Hey ya! Hey ya! Hey ya!...


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