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Kodi's big trouble Pt 3

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Kodi's big trouble Pt 3

Post by Firefoxwolffie on Mon May 26, 2008 7:21 am

Im sorry dad kodi said. its ok I still have the boat balto replied to kodi. Ive got to go kosi said after a moments silence and turned toward the door. Kodi balto said suddenly kodi stoped and looked back. don't woryy things will work out. kodi smiled Thanks and then left. it had been a week since kodi had told dusty. He hadn't seen her since. he now lay on his dads boat. thinking of everything that had hapened and trying to think of a way to amke it up to her. The sun had set and the moon was already bright in the sky. Kodi's eyelids were beginning to droop. Affter several more minutes kodi decided to trot back to get some sleep. But whaen he turned around he saw Dusty. Dusty what are you- kodi started surprised. i just had a feeling you'd be here said Dusty answering kodi's question. Dusty Im sorry about what i did koi siad after a long silence. After what you did kodi its not easy to forgive you dusty said slowly. I know dusty but i can only say sorry so many times.what do i have to do to make it up to you? kodi said walking towards Dusty. Kodi its not that simple. you can't say sorry about something like this and expect me to forgive you. What then? kodi asked taking another step towards Dusty. Kodi there's a reason i came to see you and thats to tell you that my dad found out and is looking for you dusty said and doing somthing she hadn't done in a week, Look him in the eyes. I came here to tell you to be careful. That surprised kodi. He wasn'tscared he could take care of himself, but the fact that dusty had came here to warn him, that must mean she still has feelings for Him. thanks but I don't worry about him. for a minute the two just looked at each other. Nither one spoke. finnaly dusty spoke. Its late and i need to get home. Wait let me walk you home kodi said running over to dusty. Fine dusty replied and turned and headed back towards town. As they entered the town kodi finnaly decided to say something. Dusty is there any way ican say or do to make this better? it took Dusty a minute to answer. No kodi there isn't. Kodi i have been looking all over for you. There's this really mean looking dog Asking around for you. sasha had just appeared beside kodi. he would happen to be twice as big as me with orange and white fur would he? kodi asked looking not at sasha but right in front of him. yea have you seen him? sasha asked surprised. No but he's right in front of me gis eyes fixed on the massive dog down the street. sasha noticing him said Kodi this wouldent have anything to do with your little incident with Ashur would it? Sasha asked standing in front of kodi. Sasha Last night dusty told me that her dad found out and is lookinf for me. i think he might of hired someone to come fetch me kodi Explained to sasha. Kodi who was still staring at the dog suddenly pushed sasha out of the way and the dog collided with kodi. knocking kodi of his feet and landing on his back several feet form his oriiginal place. kodi got back up looked at the dog. he could see three of him. not sure which one to go for kodi went for the one on the left. As kodi Lunged for the dog the two other dogs disappeared leaving the one left. the dog kicked him in the side and kodi landed in the snow again. this time kodi didn't get back up... Four other dogs sat on the top mountain. they all seemed to be waiting for something. one of the dogs sitting on the mountain was dusty. of the other three one looked like dusty's father Rusk. When Dusty asked who the other dogs were, he simply said there here for a favor for me. He wouldn't say anything else on the subject. They were at the top of the mountain near nome. just on the other side of the mountain there was a deep cavern. Dusty had already been on this mountain before. Once with kodi before he had slept with the other dog. wishing she could rewind time dusty heard the sound of another coming up the mountain. within seconds a large orange and white dog came into the view. on his back was the unconcious figur that was kodi. Kodi! Dusty said shocked. her dad had'nt told her why she had to be here. Thank you charles you can set him down here. Dad whats going on here? unable to take her eyes off of kodi. Seeing kodi this way made dusty wish she had never gotten Angry with him. punishment sweety. it has cometo my attention that This dog has been cheating on you. Rusk said. Dad, my personal life is none of your business. As her father walked over to Kodi and nudged him with his paw. he'll only be out another hour or two. before we do it i want him to be awake. Rusk said grinning at the thought of it. Dad! tell me what you are going to do to kodi Dusty said standing over kodi. Dusty, Sweety, Im going to kill Him. Sasha watched horrified as the dog atleast three times as big as her rin into kodi and send him flying. it seemed forever before kodi hit the ground again. That had to be atleast 15 feet. when kodi finnaly landed sasha could almost feel the impact of the fall. When kodi managed to get back up Sasha wanted to jump in and help but her Legs were frozen to the ground. she could tell that kodi was Having trouble keeping things in focus. She saw kodi lunge for the dog but went completly to the left side of him. She knew what was going to happen next. when the leg icked kodi in the side she knew he was not going to get up after one. Finnaly dhe managed to get her vocal chords to work. Hey! Leave him alone. The dog payed no attention to her. Sasha terrified managed to run at the dog and jump on his back. She was swung off instantly and hit the ground. The dog put a paw the size of her chest on top of her and Pushed down deeper into the snow. sasha couldn't breath. She clawed at the paw despearte to get air. The dog groweld then lifted his paw up, Takingthe unconcious kodi with him,walked away. Leaving sasha on the ground gasping for air. Kodi...was all she managed to say. Dad, please, you don't have to kill kodi. were working things out. dusty pleaded with her dad. Im sorry dusty but things are better this way. You'll see said Rusk looking down the mountain and into the cavern. How deep do you think this is? Rusk asked one of the dogs with him. Id say atleast 500 feet or more. The dog said. Tahts deep enough if he's still alive after were threw with him then we'll throw him over. Rusked explained to the other three. The orange and white dog Charles decided to stick around. Dusty was in tears now. As she stood over kodi her tears fell down her cheek and landed on kodi's fur. Kodi im sorry for being mad at you. I shouldn't have acted this way. If i knew my fateher would take things this far i...Dusty said spilling her heart out to kodi. she didn't know if he could here her but this was the last chance she would get to speak to kodi.Kodi's tail moved. Alright Dusty step away from him. He's coming to know Rusk said after seeing the tail move. Charles ended up having to pull dusty away from kodi. within the minute kodi opend his eyes. He was still having trouble keeping focused. Where am i kodi said to himself. at the top of a mountain you will find quite familliar Rusk said standing up. Kodi rolled over on to his stomach and stood up. who are you? Kodi asked spotting charles at once. Kodi im dusty's father and these are just a few friends. Rusk said nodding his head at the other three dogs that surronded kodi. Where's Dusty? what do you want with me? kodi asked feeling increasingly uncomfortable. She is right here but im afraid you won't be seeing her anymore. See i recently found out about your affair with my daughter and a certain new dog in this town Rusk explaiend. What's it to you its none of your business kodi said taking a step back. Im here to punish you about what you did to my daughter Rusk said. Im afraid you have seen the last day you will ever see. Then Rusk groweld and pounced on kodi. It was just rusk and Kodi at first. the other three formed a barrier around the two so that Kodi couldn't run. But once they saw kodi putting up another fight the other three joined in. Kodi felt pairs of teeth biting him in all directions. claws cutting his back,neck ect... finnaly Kodi found a leg of one of his attckers and bit down as hard as he could. there was winning and a pair of teeth bit down on kodi's neck and pulled him away from the leg. Kodis foot found a face and he kicked hard and The dog retreated breifly. This was kodi'sonly chance He jumped at the gap between the dogs and landed on the ground. KODI RUN! came Dusty's Voice. Kodi glanced at Dusty and saw her get kicked and she fell. DUSTY! kodi shouted. Kodi felt the impact against his side as one the dogs tackeld him. Kodi knew the dog was going for his neck. when the two stoped rolling Kodi came out on the bottom. The dog snarling on top of him went for his neck but kodi, using his hind legs, kicked the dog off of him and over the mountain. two said kodi seeing the dog he had kicked in the face run off towards town. kodi's direction was directed at the two Left. they were closing in on him. Kodi knew if they doubeld teamed he was more thaen dead. Kodi ran at them. Charles was obviously muscles over brains. kodi crawel underneath him and bit down on charles leg. charles growlingkicked his leg but kodi held on. then charles di what kodi wanted him to do. charles ended up slamming kodi's body in to Rusks. kncking the wind out of kodi and knocking rusk unconscious. Unable to hang on any longer Kodi flew off charles leg and landed on Rusk. Breathing hard Kodi backed away from charles. Now what? Kodi asked Looking around for anything that could help him. He knew he didn't stand a chance fighting charles head on. Last time he had done that he was unconcious in ten seconds. Sasha was still in the same positin whn the giant dog had crushed her. she could breath now but everytim she moved she could feel intense pain in he chest. Sturggling sasha managed to get on her paws baut the pain in her chest caused her to fall back down. She knew where the og had taken kodi. the trouble was getting there. sasha had'nt felt this much pain since her last accident. when she had been runin and tripped and rolled down practically a mountain side. All but one of her ribs were broken and her ledt hind leg was broken in three places. sturuggling to remain on her paws sasha thought back to what enchoraged her to push through the pain and get back on her feet. Kodi saw it. The green and white blur of sasha. she was running at full speed and jumped at the dog. the force of the impact caused the dog to fall over. he started to slide down the mountain side. but sh looked like she was already lifting her hind legs back on solid ground. sasha breathing hard started towards Kodi with a smile on her face. opend her mouth to say something then charles grabbed her legs as he finnaly lost grip of the ground Pulling sasha over with him. Kodi ran to the edge to see sasha falling. SASHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! kodi screamed.
When Dusty opened her eyes She felt a slight pain in her jaw but then she jumped up. Kodi she said relived and she saw him sitting on the edge of the cliff. Kodi wasn't moving. Kodi are you alright? How did you-Dusty started as she ran over to Kodi but she then saw tears running down kodi's cheeks. Kodi whats wrong? She asked. Kodi took a deep breath and then said in a shaky voice Its sasha.She's dead. Dusty new that kodi had gotten real close with the dog named sasha. She'd seen them race all over the place and it had even been possiable that Kodi and sasha were related. Kodi... im so sorrry how did this happen? Dusty said slowly. She saved me Dusty. If she hadn't come I would be dead Kodi said looking Dusty in the Eyes. Dusty swallowed and said you wann tell me how you servived four dog at once? Dusty after this i nver wanna hide anything from you ever again. Over ten thousand miles away, A glowing white diamond in the shape in a Z flashed. Lightning flashed througout the cavern. The ussually dark cave,now lit from the center,which the Z diamond stone rested at,to the darkest corners. Th Diamond rested on a perch. the perch was decorted with drawings of 15 dogs. all bore the same Mark. A Z stood out on various parts of their bodies. Backs,necks,sides,Ect. The perch was just a few feet high. To a human it would only be up to his knee's. to a dog it would line up with his head. Two wolves looked out of their homes. A cave in the far corner. A bloodred male and a navy blue female.mates. Oh no let this be a dream. The female exclaimed. Panicking. This is happening niss. I new it would soon the male said. Squinting against the light. When ever the stone lit it meant one of the few, designated to fullfil a purpose. No onw knew what the purpose was but it is said that there will be 15. One would Die. Leaving 14.7 those wuld want to conquer. 7 would be those who would save them. when the stone lit white it meant one was born. when it lit green one who would die,sasha Had died. In three years time this would come to pass. Please not green Niss Pleaded. but the light turned a stuning green. Sasha... the two uttered breathlessly Looking at each other the male known as Vermelho sighed. 14 Left. On the stone perch, one of the drawings Of dogs glowed and then melted away. The light dimmed and the Z diamond retrned to normal. Kodi and Dusty were laying together in Dusty's home. It was three days after the mountin incident and kodi was still slightly depressed about sasha and was recovering from multiple cuts and gashes. Ithink it is a miricl that you only got deep cuts and no long term injuries In an effort to cheer up Kodi. Kodi smiled. Kodi just promis me one thing. Anything. I want you to promis that ashur is out of your life and that you'll never have anythingto do with her again Dusty finished. Thats a promis that i can keep kodi said smilling and he nuzzeld Dusty. But no sooner had kodi said this that he heard the sound of barks. Kodi got up and walked outside. It was Ashur. Kodi i have to tell you something Ashur started. Ashur whatever it is I don't care said kodi cutting her off. KODI! im pregnant and the pups are yours. End Of kodi's big trouble. will continue Later. Smile


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Re: Kodi's big trouble Pt 3

Post by Conay_White_Star_Line on Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:33 am

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Re: Kodi's big trouble Pt 3

Post by Saske italian wolfeer on Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:38 am

wow!!! that's very good!!! ha ha^^poor Kodi

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Re: Kodi's big trouble Pt 3

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